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Hiroshima Economic Research Institute x Pragna Mamidipaka

Leading Local Companies to Open Innovation


Since 1951, Hiroshima Economic Research Institute has been publishing information on companies in Hiroshima to spur economic activity. Yet they recognize that the role and types of local media outlets are evolving. They hope to be a media outlet that can make local and global collaboration more appealing to drive innovation in Hiroshima. Takayuki and his engineering partner, Pragna, brainstormed interventions that can push Hiroshima companies to realize the possibilities for innovation that can occur when exchanging ideas and resources across industries and countries.


Takayuki and Pragna launched Co-Lab, a mini design ideathon between Hiroshima companies and Indian students to present a low-stakes, exciting opportunity for companies to collaborate locally and globally. Four food-related companies in Hiroshima gathered to discuss current challenges in their industries, and presented a topic for Indian design and engineering students to ideate around. The ideas presented pushed Hiroshima companies to take a step forward in actively incoporating sustainability and digital transformation in their business ventures.


In the next iteration, Takayuki hopes to expand the scope of the event. He plans to host a hackathon where Indian design and engineering students can build physical prototypes of possible interventions with Hiroshima companies. He hopes for Co-Lab to lead to product and service development between Japan and India.



Hiroshima Economic Research Institute

株式会社 広島経済研究所

Since 1951, Hiroshima Economic Research Institute has been publishing the Hiroshima Economic Report, gathering a strong data base on companies that span transportation, manufacturing, metal industries and more. With the nature of media evolving in recent years, they are looking to expand the scope of their business to support companies in Hiroshima drive innovation.


Team Members

    Takayuki Shimazu

    島津 貴幸

    Daisuke Ito

    伊藤 大介

    Yusuke Shibata

    柴田 侑亮

Pragna Mamidipaka

プラグナ マミディパカ

Pragna is an electrical engineering student at the Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad. In the past, she has won multiple coding competitions. When she is not coding, Pragna practices yoga and teaches yoga to children online.


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