R2SRoad 2 Shine - Project Road To Shine Hiroshima - Talangana


The Future of Wellbeing

With the COVID-19 pandemic drastically transforming societal values and norms, we now have the opportunity to reexamine and rebuild existing systems in our society. Under the theme “The Future of Wellbeing” we prototype various product and service interventions that can be made for societal and ecological wellbeing.



Vision Making Workshop in Hiroshima


In Phase 1, we foresaw the evolving needs in our society with guest lecturers, and explored the various approaches we can take in shaping the future. Each company assessed their strengths and assets, defined their vision for the future, and brainstormed interventions that can help them realize their vision with technology.



Human Centered Innovation Workshop in India


In Phase 2, engineers from all over India participated in a workshop to learn human-centered innovation methods. Five teams that successfully demonstrated how technology can be a tool for societal and environmental transformation were selected to collaborate with Hiroshima companies.



Collaborative Innovation Workshop in Hiroshima


In Phase 3, five Hiroshima companies prototyped product and service ideas by partnering up with the engineering teams from India. By bringing together experiences across disciplines, countries, and generations, the companies refined and updated their visions for the future to spur local and/or global impact.