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Shinwa Metal x Varshitha Gaddipati + Sudeshna Nagam

Redesigning Employment Systems for Inclusion


Despite the Japanese labor population heavily declining, only 14% of people with disabilities are employed. The lack of information and awareness from the employers, along with the unsuited working environments makes it very difficult for people with disabilities to continue working long-term. Shinwa Metal and their partners Varshitha and Sudeshna aimed to design a system in which employers and disabled employees understand and cater to each others' work preferences, expectations, and strengths.


Together, they realized that it is important for companies to know in advance the disabled employee’s strengths and necessary accommodations. They created an online survey form to gather information on the employee from the individual themselves, their parents, and others. The team also designed a dashboard to visualize the data compiled in the form for the employees to better understand the survey results. As a result, they created a tool that can collect,manage and visualize information that can support job retention.


This year, Shinwa Metal plans to test and iterate the system they built. Next year, they plan to launch a new business and work with companies to support the placement and retention of disabled employees. Until then, Shinwa Metal plans to update their Indian engineer partners on their progress and gain additional insights and encouragement.



Shinwa Metal


Shinwa Metal is a metal processing company specialized in plating, assembly, and more. With bright colored walls, ping pong tables and a community cafeteria, Shinwa Metal is unlike any typical factory. They also run multiple programs within their facilities to empower their local community.


Team Members

    Hiroyuki Shintani

    新谷 浩之

    Yuki Okumura

    奥谷 祐樹

Varshitha Gaddipati


Varshitha is a student at VNR VJIET studying IT. She is building a mobile application to make mental health resources more accessible for youth in India with her childhood friend and business partner, Sudeshna.

VarshithaはVNR VJIET大学のIT専攻。Sudeshnaとともに、インドの若者向けのメンタルヘルスアプリの開発に励んでいる。

Sudeshna Nagam


Sudeshna is a student at UNSW Sydney majoring in Commerce and Economics. She is a case competitions enthusiast and has won multiple entrepreneurship competitions in Australia, India, and more.

SudeshnaはUNSW Sydney大学のマーケティング、経済学専攻。オーストラリアやインドで開催されたビジネスコンペでの豊富な入賞経験をもつ。

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