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Sagotani x Nitin Kamble

Sustainable Dairy Production


Sagotani is Hiroshima’s largest dairy producer envisioning a world in which people, nature, and animals can coexist in harmony. Kosuke, the managing director, is working to produce delicious, free range milk, which is dependent on sustainable agriculture. He and his engineering partner Nitin explored ways to support dairy producers to grow nutritious grass more sustainably.


Together, they hypothesized that dairy producers may greatly benefit from having access to real-time data on soil conditions. They prototyped a portable, real-time sensor to detect the PH, temperature, water moisture, and macronutrients of soil, but struggled with data accuracy and application. They recognized the importance of first, identifying concrete actions that can be applied to sustainable farming first and then, assessing how data and technology can assist such actions.


Kosuke hopes to transform his farm into a hub for like-minded individuals to explore interventions towards sustainable agriculture. He is working to build an ecosystem that brings people, nature, and cows closer together through his crowdfunding campaign and experiences from a global agriculture research program.





Sagotani is Hiroshima's largest dairy business with 120 cows and 35-ha of land. It was founded in 1941 to localize dairy production and improve the livelihood of Hiroshima farmers. Sagotani farm is frequented by Hiroshima residents who enjoy the gelato factory, community space, and playground.


Team Members

    Kosuke Kubo

    久保 宏輔

Nitin Kamble

二ティン カンブル

Nitin is a Computer Science & Engineering student at Swami Vivekananda Institute of Technology, JNTUH. Also a part-time youtuber, his interest lies in promoting sustainable agriculture practices in India via online content.


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