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Chuden Engineering Consultants x Sri Bhuvana Vaishnavi Dasika + Ayesha Sarfaraz

Re-defining Urban Public Spaces for Wellness


Chuuden Engineering Consultants is Hiroshima’s largest infrastructure developer that has provided safety, comfort, and convenience to the city. They are now looking to make wellness more accessible in the city by bringing communities and nature closer together. Working with engineering partners Sri and Ayesha, they brainstormed ways to provide access for citizens to be involved in shaping the use of urban public spaces for their wellness.


The team recognized that the public spaces that Chuuden manages may not be serving residents nor enabling their access to wellbeing in the city. Together, they brainstormed ways for residents to better connect with Ota River, which is of historical significance to the city. To help Hiroshima residents re-interpert and re-connect with their natural environments, Sri and Ayesha prototyped a sensor that detects and predicts the river’s water quality.


This project will officially run under Chuuden’s business expansion strategy. In the long-term, they are looking to involve community organizers, artists, and other partners to launch a workshop to better understand citizen needs and impressions of Hiroshima’s public spaces. In the future, they hope for the Sri and Ayesha’s portable water sensor to be distributed to citizens for them to re-discover the city’s assets in a new light.



Chuden Engineering Consultants


Founded in 1965, Chuden Engineering Consultants is Hiroshima’s largest construction consulting company, leading urban development in the Chugoku region. They also partner with communities and government agencies to promote regional revitalization, as seen in their RiverDo! Project where they address local needs around Hiroshima’s Ota river.

中電技術コンサルタント株式会社は、中国地方の街づくりをリードする建設コンサルタント会社。水辺空間の魅力を発信する「River Do!」 プロジェクトなど、地域や行政との連携による地域活性化にも取り組んでいる。

Team Members

    Kenzo Tanaka

    田中 健三

    Hiroe Takata

    高田 禮榮

    Kyohei Oda

    織田 恭平

Sri Bhuvana Vaishnavi Dasika


Sri is studying Computer Science student at Vishnu Institute of Technology. She is a developer who was recognized as India’s top 300 Women Engineers at Google-talentsprint. Along with being a coder, she is also a talented graphic designer and artist.


Ayesha Sarfaraz


Ayesha is studying at Muffakham Jah College of Engineering and Technology studying IT. She is passionate about applying her programming knowledge to be resourceful for communities and individuals who are in need.


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